Mother & Son
Samson (2yrs) & Delilah (6yrs)
Rising Moon's Golden Legend
Pictured at 2yrs old
Delilah enjoying the snow!! 12/05/02
Sleeping like a baby!!
Simba & Memphis 5/23/03
Saphira & Santa 2009
6mnths old
Saphira (6mnths) & Samson (5yrs) 2009

Delilah (9yrs) & Samson (5yrs) 2009
Mother & Son
Saphira (6mnths) & Samson (5yrs) 2009
2011 - Saphira 19mnth old donates blood for other dogs in need every 7wks @ 
Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank
Saphira wants to be like Samson when she grows up!!! 
Samson on Guard Duty - Jan 2011
The Dog Pound Gang!!! 
Showing off at the NJ Show on 9/28/02.
Left to right: Hera from JPPits, Mask from True Blue Kennels, and Delilah from Rising Moon Kennels.
Delilah and her pal Mitzie (27lbs.)
Memphis wanting to be a big dog!!
Delilah (2yrs) & Memphis (3mths)
Aren't they cute!!!
Delilah relaxing at home.
Delilah hanging out with Mommy (Jamaria Fernandez)!!
Memphis enjoying quality time!
8wks old
Delilah & Memphis spending time together!!  Awwwww!
Urban Photo Shoot, June 2011
M. L. Dixon Photography
Photo Taken By: Rachel Brown Richards
Good Dog K9 Obedience & Old Glory Pits
Saphira (left) & Samson (right)
My dad with Samson on his lap. 
All 90lbs of him. 
April 2012
2 Generations
Saphira along with her girls Phoenix (middle) & Estela (right)
Aug 2013
Ringside photos of me and my girl Phoenix at the Courtland,VA show 
May 2014
Fall 2013 - To Present
Phoenix being trained in Bite Work and Protection Training. We are hoping to go for our 1st PSA Trial in the fall.
HCK9 Protection Training
w/ Decoy & Trainer Mark Banks
August 2014
Photo Shoot with the Girls
October 2014
Fun Photos

National American Pit Bull Terrier Show
Charlotte, NC
Sept 29- Oct 2, 2011
Photo Taken By: Rachel Brown Richards  
National American Pit Bull Terrier Show
Charlotte, NC
Sept 29- Oct 2, 2011
Trying out Weight Pull for the 1st time  
End of Year Pic for 2015
Photo shoot October 2016

End of Year Photo for 2016
Left to right: Phoenix, Icon & Saphira
Photoshoot Session 
November 2017
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